Friday, 15 May 2015

Getting That Dewy Glow

With my skin looking as dull as it has over the past few weeks i've really been trying my best efforts to get my skin and complexion looking glowing and dewy. With Spring in full swing I thought i'd share a few products that i've been using, as i'm sure i'm not the only one who battling the dull skin days.
The past few weeks i've been pulling out products that I was obsessed with this time last year, but i've also introduced new products into the mix that i've heard some pretty amazing things about and so far these products seem to be doing the trick at making my skin look radiant and healthy.

Starting with primer, something I don't really bother with all that often as I find the don't usually make any difference but i've been loving the L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer (£9.99). It's different to any other primer that i've used before as it's more about giving your skin a little bit of radiance, as well as keeping your base in place. I also find using this over foundation great, as more of a liquid highlighter as it is such a beautiful shade.

Foundation wise i've reverted back to an old favourite, the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (£5.99), which is my favourite foundation for a dewy radiant glow. It does what the name suggests, by waking up tired skin and faking that healthy glow we all want. Onto concealer and this is new one to me, but one i'm loving. This is the Claudia Louch Concealer Trio* (£35), which is great as you can mix the different shades or use them in different areas to add highlight. I've been using the lightest shade to highlight under my eyes as I find this really opens up my eyes and just makes me look more awake. 

Onto the cheek products and a long time favourite of mine is the Topshop 'Crecsent Moon' Highlighter (£10) which they don't seem to have on the website anymore, but this is a lovely powder highlighter shade that is perfect for any skin tone. It's got a lovely iridescent finish to it that just looks lovely on the cheeks bones and just really gives your skin that glow. Also more so recently cream blushers have been my go to and this Collection Love Speedy Blush (£) is beautiful. It has a lovely yet subtle shimmer running through it that really gives the cheeks a lovely pop of colour and also highlighted glow. It's great if your in a rush, as you don't need to highlight when using this as it does the job for you.

So those are a few products that i've been turning to recently in order to give my skin that dewy, glowing look.

What products do you use to get 'the dewy glow'?

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

5 Things I'm Currently Loving

Spring is definitely my favourite time of year as the weather isn't too hot, you can wear kimono's and sandals to your hearts content and the evenings just feel so much longer, which all together makes me very happy. I thought it had been sometime since i'd shared the things that i've been loving recently, other than beauty bits as i've really started to cherish any spare time I get outside of work to just enjoy things, even if it just a chilled out afternoon in front of the TV.
You'll notice that there isn't really a running theme to the things that i've been loving recently, other than the obvious spring weather choices but I thought i'd switch it up a little as constantly writing beauty focused posts can be a little draining and sometimes boring. So here are a few things that i've been loving recently!

Sandals - Yes, I couldn't not mention these first as they are the only footwear that I have worn over the past month or so. I've got around four pairs on the go at the moment, all of neutral colours as you can wear them with pretty much anything. This particular pair I picked up from Primark over the weekend and I am obsessed, as i've never owned a pair of nude sandals. They are super comfy and completely different to any other sandals within my current collection. 

Pastel Nails - Okay, I had to include one beauty related item as I couldn't not but I had acrylics done on my nails last weekend and usually i'm not one for false nails but I am obsessed. I've been painting them so many different pastel shades as I find them so flattering this time of the year and they just look so much nicer than my natural nails. The two shades i've been loving are: BarryM Speedy Quick Dry 'Eat My Dust' Nail Paint (£2.99) and Maybelline 'Mint For Life' Forever Strong Nail Polish (£4.49).

Body Jewellery Shop Earrings - I'm not usually one for changing my earrings all that much, but recently i've been playing around with my accessories and just trying to switch things up a bit. I've especially been loving the earrings that Body Jewellery Shop have to offer as they have so many different earrings to choose from, for such low prices. In particular i'm loving the Small Round Clear Gem Earrings* (£1.99) as they are so pretty, yet so delicate looking.

iPad - Whilst my parents were in Australia, I kindly asked them to pick me up an iPad as they are so much cheaper out there and as a first payday at my new job treat, I decided to allow myself to get one. So far i've been loving it as it comes in so handy for so many different things as I can blog on it, catch up on my Youtube subscription box without dropping my phone on my face and just general blog browsing. I also treated it to it's own Michael Kors iPad Mini Case (£59.95), which I picked up from my local TkMaxx as they had a load in for the fraction of its original price and I love it.

Game of Thrones - Something i'd never thought i'd admit to watching, but thanks to my boyfriend i'm a little addicted. We always end up watching tv series together and initially I wasn't going to allow myself to get into it as I never have the time, but we're now two seasons in and so far i'm still interested. If you are looking for a new series to watch and haven't started GOT, then give it a go as you may end up liking it as much as me.

So those are just a few things that i've been loving recently!

What have you been loving recently? Leave me some recommendations.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Fail Safe Spring Beauty

With Spring finally settling in, minus the odd shower or two i've found myself opting for the same makeup look as it's simple, quick enough to do in the mornings and also perfect for Spring. I thought today i'd share what products i've been turning to recently and it may give you some ideas on how you can also find your own fail safe spring look.
When it comes to Spring makeup my motto is 'less is more' as I always find myself opting for the minimalist of products in order to create my everyday look and I always stick to the same, never switching it up all that much and for someone who isn't great with routines it is a bit of a shock.

I mentioned in a few posts back that i've been pulling out my more warmer weather appropriate foundations and one I can always count on is Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (£8.99). It's perfect for the warmer weather as it gives great coverage without that cakey, layered feeling to the skin and is always one I can count on. Sticking with base products and diring the warm months I like to give my skin a little big of a glow and as my skin is naturally quite dull the Bourjois Java Rice Powder (£9.99) allows me to fake that 'summer glow', whilst also setting my foundation for the day.

Cheeks now and I could have picked so many products but i'm loving the Kiko Tri-Bal Soul Baked Blush* (£14.90) at the moment. This baked goodness is a bronzer, blush and highlight all in one that just gives my cheeks that glow and pop of colour that it cries out for and the highlighter is the prettiest shade ever for pale girls like me.

Onto the eyes and if you're as lazy as me then you will also love the Maybelline Colour Tattoo (£4.99). I use the shade 'On and On Bronze' all the time to give my eyes a sweep of colour and I really want to get a few more shades as they make eye looks so much easier to achieve and almost effortless. Mascara is one that I probably switch up the most but The Body Shop Big and Curvy Msacara (£10) is so good for giving your lashes a good curl and lift in literally seconds. The brush coats the lashes so quickly but without making them clumpy and I just love this mascara - need I say more?

Lastly is the lips and i'm not into the 'Kylie Jenner lip' but I have been loving summery pink shades a lot more recently. The Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencil (£4.99) in the shade 'Fuchsia Desire' is my most recent addition and i'm obsessed. They've brought out some new shades recently and if you haven't seen them for yourself then you need to!

What are your fail safe Spring products?

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Mini Beauty Haul - The Body Shop & Superdrug

It's been a little while since I treated myself in the beauty department and these past few weeks have been a bit tough work wise and personal life wise, so i've been a bit down and I thought the only way I could cheer myself up was to treat myself to a few new bits that i'd wanted to try out.
Recently i've been hearing a lot about new releases and i've tried to keep away from the hype as it only leads to more temptation but as I finally got the chance to see the products for myself and try them out, it definitely lead to a 'feeling spendy' moment.

It has been some time since I visited my local The Body Shop and that morning i'd received an email about a few offers they had going on so of course I took this as encouragement to pick up some new skincare bits. My skin recently has been alright for the most part, but it definitely needed something new adding to the mix and when I first saw Zoella talking The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask (£22) I just knew I had to try it out. I love a good overnight mask, especially one for moisturising the skin and this one really intrigued me as i'd not seen anything like it before. So far i'm loving it and although it is quite pricey, i'd still highly recommend trying it and I will be reviewing this soon.

As i'd wanted to switch things up moisturiser wise I decided to give The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet (£12), which again was like nothing i'd seen before but I really liked the idea of it. The texture of this is so strange at first, but really sinks into the skin leaving it feeling soft and hydrated, as if it's quenched your skin thirst. I've been using this as my day moisturiser for a few days and so far i'm really enjoying it. Lastly I picked up The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Gel (£8.50) as a replacement for the Aloe Protective Serum that they no longer sell, as I really loved that product and I thought this may offer a similar alternative. So far i'm loving this as it is so gentle on the skin and just really helps to soothe the skin, especially as mine can be quite sensitive at times. 

Next stop was Superdrug and I wasn't planning on picking anything up but they had a 3for2 offer and they now offer student discount! First thing I picked up was the new BarryM Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint (£3.99) in the shade 'Eat My Dust'. Random name, but I had acrylics put on a few days ago and when I saw this shade I knew it would be perfect as i'm loving pastel nails at the moment. Next was something that really intrigued me, as i'm loving cream blushers so I thought why not give it a go. The Collection Speedy Blush Stick (£2.99) in the shade 'Tickled Pink' reminded me somewhat of Nars Orgasm but in a cream formula and for the price I couldn't really complain.

Lastly whilst perusing the Maybelline stand I noticed they brought out some new shades in their ColourDrama Lip Crayon (£4.99), so I picked up the shade 'Fuschia Desire' and as the name suggests this is a bright pink. I really like the formula of these as they last really well and don't dry the lips out too much, and a girl can never have too many lip products.

Have you picked up any new beauty bits recently?

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