Monday, 26 January 2015

MAC Lipstick Collection

It's been a while since i've properly spoken about my MAC lipsticks, as I don't tend to review them anymore. I thought it was about time I shared my MAC lipstick collection as it's really grown over the past year and a lot of you do ask what my favourite shades, favourite finish etc..
It's safe to say my MAC collection is very pink/purple, as I don't tend to steer towards any other shades. Nudes and light pinks don't really suit my skin tone and reds I find wash me out, again because i'm so pale, so I just stick with warmer pink/purple shades as I find they suit me the most.

As for finishes, I do not like the matte finish especially of the MAC Lipstick (£15.50) as they are just too drying for my lips and the lipstick itself just clings to any dry patches that I have. The majority of these shades are the amplified finish, which is by far my favourite as they are super pigmented but also not drying in the slightest. I have a couple of, which again aren't drying at all as they are quite shiny but their pigmentation isn't as intense so they are great for everyday wear. As for the satin finish, I prefer it to the matte finish as it isn't as drying but I find I still have to be careful when applying as it can sling a little.

Onto the shades in my collection (L-R)..

Lustering is a lustre finish and this shade is a lovely rose pink shade that I love for everyday wear. It just adds a lovely pop of colour that isn't too pigmented or intense and the sheen to the finish of this lipstick is super moisturising and stops the lipstick drying into your lips.

Full Fuchsia is an amplified finish and as the name suggests this is a bright fuchsia pink shade that I love to wear during the evening, there is something about a bright pink evening lip that I love (without it looking trashy). As it is an amplified finish, the shade is a lot more pigmented and less of a sheen to it in comparison to the lustre finish - it almost looks matte, without it looking dry.

Show Orchid is my most recent addition, and again is a bright pink shade. It's is somewhat similar to Full Fuchsia but has a more pink undertone, making the shade more of a hot pink than a fuchsia. Again I love this shade as it is an amplified finish and the pigmentation of this is crazy, so bright but I love it!

Girl About Town was the first bright pink shade I ever purchased from MAC, so it was a little out of my comfort zone but is one of my favourite shades. This shade is very similar to the previous shades, but is just that little bit deeper than Show Orchid and more pink than Full Fuchsia. Another amplified finish (can you tell they are my favourite?!) and this one I love to wear all year round, any time of day as it just warms up my complexion.

Plumful has got to be my favourite shade in my MAC collection, I don't know why but this shade is perfection. I love this for everyday wear as it's plum/pink shade is like a your lips but better, with a hint of plum and I love it! It's a lustre finish, but the pigmentation of this is beautiful and the formula is so creamy that it glides on like a dream - if you haven't swatched this or don't own it, you need too! 

Up The Amp is a shade i'd never thought i'd own, but I was feeling daring and brave so I swatched it and next thing I knew it was mine. In the bullet it looks very purple, but when applied it has this pink undertone that doesn't make it look as intense. This again is an amplified finish, so the pigmentation is unreal but again this one is really creamy and applies lovely to the lips. I definitely won't be going anymore purple than this, but it's definitely worth a look at if you're thinking of rocking a purple lip.

Rebel is a shade that I think everyone owns and I can see why. In the bullet it looks like an intense vampy purple, but on the lips it is this beautiful deep plum shade with a beautiful pink undertone - such a stunning shade and I think this was my first ever MAC purchase. This is the only satin finish that I own, and I think if they brought out this shade or something very similar in amplified I would prefer it, just because it can dry my lips out pretty bad, but I do it all for that beautiful shade.

Each of these lipsticks have varied in price, depending on where i've purchased them and the price of their lipsticks has risen every time I purchase a new one.

So that is my MAC lipstick collection - small I know, but perfect for me!

What are your favourite MAC shades?


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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday Summary - Out With Old, In With The New

It's safe to say this week has been crap, and i'm sure i'm not the only one who has had a bad week but i'm leaving this week behind, with a fresh look into next week and what i'm hoping will be a better week.
I'm not going to go into detail as to why i've had a bad week, some things need be kept off of the internet but reflecting on last week, it's safe to say that everyone has bad habits and some people can get very stuck in their ways - whether it be a relationship or their work commitments, or just their general attitude and i'm sure we have all been guilty of one of these.

For me it's my work commitment, and after leaving uni I thought i'd of found a job by now but i'm still at my part time job of five years and i've reached the point of where it's time for a change. As some of you know i'm currently interning at etailPR and I am loving every second of it and it's nice to get away from the normal and do something different for a couple of days of the week. Having said that, it's not something I see myself sticking with long term (more than a year or so), as it is unpaid and it's really just to get a feel of where I want to venture onto - but for now i'm loving the experience and it's definitely opened my eyes up to the other side of blogging, so i'm learning a lot. 

As for moving on from my part time job, it's definitely a long process as I don't really know where I want to go in life. My degree didn't really give me an end goal and i'm still very undecided as to what I want to do in life, but I have been applying for several jobs in the hope that something comes along, where I can actually put my degree to some use and enjoy what I do. Don't get me wrong, I love the people that I work with and the pay isn't so bad - but sometimes you just need to move on from something.

Looking forward to next week, i'm going to make it the best week ever! Any crap that comes my way I am going to ignore and not let it affect me, as I tend to let any little thing bother me - which isn't worth my time or patience anymore, and is generally not creating any happiness for myself and i've also noticed that my relationships also suffer.

So i'm saying goodbye to last week, and fully welcoming the new week with open arms!

Are you going through anything similar? - How are you moving forward?


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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Born Pretty Blush Palette

After receiving my first BornPretty product, their Blush & Contour Palette, I was excited to receive yet another blush palette from them. I'm really into my palettes at the moment as they come in so handy for travelling, and it gives you so many options to choose from.
As much as I loved the previous blush palette from Born Pretty, I was really excited when their 10 Colours Blush Palette* (£6.65) arrived on my doorstep as i've really been loving wearing blusher this winter, as I didn't that much the previous winter. It just adds a nice amount of flush to the skin, that I really like in the winter.

This palette contains ten different blush shades with a variety of different blush shades, from light dusky pinks, to peachy pinks and bright pinks, with some matte and some shimmer, you're really spoilt for choice! I've been particularly loving the two light pink shades in the top and bottom left corner, as well as a few of the peachy tones - I haven't quite got to grips with the bright hot pink shades just yet. 

They are all really pigmented, so you need the smallest amount on the brush and just pay attention when applying the more bright shades, as I found when first testing out this palette. I've been using the shades within this palette quite a lot recently, almost everyday and i've found they last really well throughout the day. I also like that the shades that contain shimmer aren't that shimmery, just adds a small amount without you looking glittery as i've found other shimmer blushes to do. The only down side to this palette, is that it doesn't contain a mirror but I can get past that.

Overall i'm really impressed with the BornPretty palettes, and i'm so looking forward to growing my collection. Not only are their products really good in quality, they are so affordable and shipping only takes a couple of weeks - so win win! 

If you were thinking of purchasing from BornPretty, make sure to use my code 'STYH10' for 10% off!


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Friday, 23 January 2015

Lush Favourites

I rarely ever speak about Lush products on my blog, but more so recently i've kind of become obsessed with their stuff after receiving a lot of it for Christmas. I thought it would be fun to share some of favourites with you, whilst also giving each product a mini review and maybe you'll end up loving some of these products just as much as me!
Kicking things off with a product that I think every beauty blogger has tried at least once, and this The Comforter (£4.75), which is one of my favourite bubble bars for their range. You probably already know how to use a bubble bar, but you basically crumble part of it under running water to create bubbles. I love the scent of this one and I like that you can get more than one use out of it.

One of my favourites from their Christmas range this year has to be the Dashing Santa, which smells incredible, quite zesty which was unexpected but I fell in love with it and i've gone through three so far! Another favourite from their Christmas range has to be Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, and again I love the scent of this one, as it smells just like Snow Fairy another favourite of mine (but I forgot to photograph it). I hope they bring both of these back next Christmas as I like them a lot! 

Next up is from their Valentines range, and this one is actually from last year so I was really happy to see that it has returned this year! The Love Locket (£6.95) is the cutest thing ever, as you break it up to reveal another mini heart inside - such a clever idea! I've gotten a fair few uses out of this as it is quite big and it fills your bath with lots of little glittery hearts, how romantic! 

Last from the image above we have the Magic Wand, another from their Christmas range. I can't remember if they brought it back this year, but I love the idea of swirling this in your bath and creating loads of bubbles. Mine is slowly on it's way out, but i've kept it going for quite a while now, and again another that smells just like Snow Fairy! 

A few more of my favourites include: Avobath (£3.35), Dragons Egg (£3.35) and the Luxury Lush Pud.

What are your Lush favourites?


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