Monday, 26 September 2016

Spectrum Brushes 10-Piece Set Review

Over the past few weeks i've seen a lot of hype surrounding Spectrum Brushes especially across social media, as the brand seems to be blowing up and becoming a lot more well known and recognised for their amazing mermaid-esque designs that are to die for! I've recently been putting one of their sets through it's paces and I couldn't not join in and add to the current hype surrounding these brushes!
Spectrum is a brand I was introduced a few years ago at The Clothes Show, and I remember the stand being absolutely packed with so many people trying to get their hands on their signature ombre style brushes that I didn't even get chance to purchase any brushes for myself. Ever since then i've always wanted to get my hands on some Spectrum brushes just to see what the hype was all about, so when the lovely team kindly sent me one of their sets to try, I couldn't pass up on the opportunity.

What instantly caught my eye with Spectrum's brush designs is how they are so different to any other brushes that i've seen or owned, as the majority of the brushes I own have either white or black bristles, whereas Spectrum brushes offer such a point of difference with their ombre style bristles that just brighten up my mood every time I use them and also my makeup brush collection.

The Spectrum 10-Piece Essential Set* (£39.99) is as the name suggests, it is the ultimate set for your everyday makeup brush needs as it contains every essential brush you would need and then some. This set contains a great mixture of brushes for the face and also the eyes, meaning that you can create a massive variety of looks whether it be an everyday face look or a bold smokey eye look, the possibilities are endless. So far i've been getting some great use out of all of these brushes and i'm really impressed with amazing quality of these brushes, with all of them being completely vegan and cruelty free, which is always a massive bonus and great to see so many brands taking animal rights seriously.

Moving onto the individual brushes within the collection, of which all have several uses making these brushes so versatile. The B01 Flat Top Buffer Brush is probably my favourite brush from this collection as it is the perfect sized buffing brush that buffs my foundation onto my skin like no other brush that I own. The A01 Larged Domed Powder Brush is again another perfect sized brush that I love to use for my setting powders and also if I want to bronze up my face quickly. Moving onto the A05 Small Angled Blush Brush which for me is the perfect contour and blush brush as the angled shape to it really gets into the hollows of my cheeks, and it's also lovely if you're applying a tiny amount of highlight. Moving onto the smaller brushes and another great one is the B03 Buffing Concealer Brush which i've been using for just that, buffing in my concealer.

Onto the eye brushes, which i've been putting through it's paces and the majority of these brushes kind of do all of the same jobs but it's great to have a good selection. The A06 Large Fluffy Shader Brush is amazing for applying all over the lid but also blending out your eye looks. The B06 Tall Tapered Blender Brush and the B04 Small Angled Blender Brush are great for blending into the crease and smoking out your eye looks, and generally just blending your eye look, making it look all tied together. The last of the smaller brushes all have an individual use, with the A17 Angled Brow Brush being my current go to for my brows as the brush shape has such a lovely yet precise angle to it. The A15 Lip Liner Brush is one I haven't gotten much use out of as I don't wear much lip liner but the shape of this brush is just right for getting a precise line around the lips, stopping your lipstick bleeding. The final brush in this collection is the A09 Angled Eyeliner Brush, which again I haven't gotten much use out of but if you're a gel liner kind of gal, then you'll love this brush.

Overall I am really impressed with this brush collection! It has all the brushes that you will ever need, and let's not forget how totally uh-mazing these brushes would look on your dressing table!

Have you tried out any Spectrum Brushes?

Friday, 23 September 2016

Outfit: Ellesse Gym Styling

Some of you may know this year i've gotten back on the fitness bandwagon and if i'm honest, I really enjoy it! It's amazing how good exercise and just eating better can make you feel, especially if you keep at it. With going to the gym also comes gym wear, and it's definitely true that new gym wear can definitely motivate you, so I thought i'd share my first fitness fashion post with a little help from JD Sports and their new Ellesse range!
Whenever I go to the gym, I do like to make sure I look somewhat the part, kind of 'got the gear but no idea look' - if you get me! For me I like my gym wear to be comfortable, but also somewhat different as i'm not afraid to rock some funky patterned bottoms but at the same time I do stick to my monochrome safe box. The new range from Ellesse in collaboration with Lucy Mecklenburgh (from TOWIE) for me is my ideal gym wear range, as the designs fit my personal style down to a T and they look just down right uh-mazing! As the lovely team from JD Sports sent my a few garments from the new range, I thought i'd style them up and put them through their paces during a sweaty gym session!

Starting off with probably the most important thing us girls need to wear in the gym, or when exercising in general and that is a sports bra! The Ellesse Greta Tape Sports Bra* (£18.00) is my favourite style of sports bra, no hard to reach and intricate straps, a simple put over your head/arms and you're good to go! What I love about this sports bra is the simple design to it, black with the Ellesse logo around the elasticated section because sports bra's aren't something you see under a t-shirt and let's face it i'm not going to be going to the gym showing this off anytime soon, for me it's all about the support it gives and it's safe to say my boobs aren't going anywhere anytime soon in this! 

I then paired this with the Ellesse Read 2-in1 Vest* (£28), which is completely different to the usual baggy tops that I wear to the gym. I love the design of this as it has an almost built in sports bra/top section to hide your sports bra and then the top stills covers the area's you don't want to be showing off to the world but allows some air to get in there, as I personally gets SO hot when I go to the gym. The fabric is also super breathable and I like that it doesn't cling to you like your usual gym tops, as it still has the baggy element that I find comfort in whilst working out.

Moving onto my favourite piece from the range is the Ellesse Ren Tape Tights* (£30), which are the most comfortable gym bottoms i've ever worn! I love the space dye grey pattern to these trousers and the material is super thin, which makes them so light and comfortable to wear, and it means I can squat to my hearts content without them feeling restricting. Again, they have the Ellesse logo around the elasticated waistband which I think adds a nice touch and they also have a small zip pocket on the bum section, which I use to put my gym card in or my locker key. The only downside to these is that they are way too long for me, but I do like to roll my gym trousers up to allow some air to my ankles/legs so this didn't bother me too much. I then finished off my gym outfit with my trusty Adidas ZX Flux Verve Trainers (£75) as these are super light weight and so comfy! (Just to note, I don't usually go to the gym all dolled up and I do put my hair up when i'm working up a sweat!)

Overall I love the pieces within this range as they are so comfortable to wear and they are reasonably affordable, especially if you're an avid gym goer! I'd definitely recommend checking out this range, especially if you're on the hunt for some new gym gear! 

What are your favourite gym wear pieces?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Body Shop Skincare Haul

For a little while now my skincare routine was just becoming a little boring and for quite sometime i'd been needing to stock up on some of my old favourites from The Body Shop, so when a cheeky discount code popped up in my emails a few weeks ago I just had to place an order. I thought i'd share with you guys the bits I picked up and give some first impressions if you're wanting to try out these products.
It's been quite a while since I purchased any new bits from The Body Shop, so much so that their packaging has completely changed and I absolutely love the more sleek and minimal style to their packaging, as the previous packaging was looking a little dated. Initially when I was browsing the website, I was a little sad to see that some of my favourites have been discontinued or replaced but I also found some great products to try!

I knew that I was in need of a couple of new cleansers and my skin always get's on well with all of those that I have tried from The Body Shop. As I really like their Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (£11) and mine was running low, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get another one as this has got to be my favourite oil based cleanser. It breaks down all makeup including really hard to remove waterproof makeup and leaves my skin feeling so cleansed but not stripped as this is so gentle on my skin and I find it also helps to keep my skins dryness at rest for the most part. Another cleanser that I picked up was the Aloe Calming Cream Cleanser (£10), as the aloe range is aimed at skin that can often be irritated or is just sensitive, which mine can be. I really like this cleanser so far as it is so gentle on my skin and the creamy formula helps to leave my skin feeling so soft!

Moving onto the moisturisers that I picked up, as all of my moisturisers have ran out all around the same time but none had impressed me enough to repurchase, so I thought i'd try out some new ones. As i've gotten on well previously with a few products from the vitamin e range, I decided to try out the Vitamin E Moisture Cream (£12) as I love the sorbet version of this and I wanted to see how i'd get on with the moisturiser. I've been using this both morning and night, and so far i'm really pleased. It gives my skin such a lovely boost of moisture and my skin has been looking a lot more hydrated and radiant as of late, rather than it's very dull self.

As i'd already added the aloe cleanser to my basket I thought i'd see what the Aloe Soothing Day Cream (£12) was like, as I loved a discontinued aloe serum that I purchased a few years back as it helped to sooth my skin and I wanted to try more than one moisturiser. I've been using this in the morning alternating between the previous moisturiser and my skin has been the calmest it has been in such a long time. The consistency of this is quite light and kind of gel like in comparison to the vitamin e moisturiser and when I apply this it instantly makes my skin feel soothed and cool. If you're wanting a new moisturiser and like me you have sensitive skin, then i'd definitely recommend trying this out!

So those are the few bits that I picked up from The Body Shop recently, and so far i'm really loving these new products! Whilst I was typing up this post I noticed a lot of their skincare products have been reduced, so i'd definitely recommend ordering sooner rather than later!

What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?

Monday, 19 September 2016

3 Hair Looks with L'oreal Studio Pro #WhoDoYouWantToBeToday

As I often talk about hair care and share my favourite hair products with you guys, it got me thinking that I don't ever go further than that by showing you how I use the products and how I create my everyday favourite go to hair looks, as I love watching/reading easy hair tutorials, especially ones that take as little as 10 minutes. I thought it would be fun to switch things up a little and show you how I create my favourite three go to hair looks, in collaboration with L'oreal and, using the new L'oreal Studio Pro styling range.
The new L'oreal Studio Pro range is all about switching up your everyday hair styling routine, by reinventing your looks using their new range of products to do something new and out of the norm with your hair everyday! With five products that can be used in a number of ways to create so many different hair looks, the possibilities are endless. As I was lucky enough to get to try out the new range, I thought i'd test out the products on some of my favourite hair looks as I often find they fall flat due to lack of styling products or in pure laziness I wouldn't bother styling my hair at all, so I thought i'd see how these products worked and also show you guys too!

My favourite thing to do with my hair is to give it a good curl, as I love how my hair looks when it's curly but because my hair is quite long and also fairly dead due to a lot dying, the curls always drop out after an hour or so. 
  • I started off by brushing through my hair and applying the L'oreal Studio Pro Heat It Up Hot & Straight Spray* (£4.49), as I love a good heat protection spray and this applies really nicely, and evenly to the hair without leaving it feeling sticky or greasy as I find a lot of heat protectants do.
  • I then followed by using the L'oreal Studio Pro Curve It Curl Mousse* (£4.49), which is great for giving your curls the hold that they need and also gives your curls that definition that I find my curls often lack. I applied through the mid to end lengths of my hair, whilst it was still damp and allowed my hair to air dry.
  • I then went in with my Babyliss Studio Pro Curling Wand (£25) to create some bouncy curls, and I absolutely love this curling wand as you can create so many different types of curls with it. I only tend to curl the mid to lengths of my hair, keeping the top section fairly straight as I find my hair can resemble a poodle otherwise.
  • Once i'd curled all of my hair, I finished this look with the L'oreal Studio Pro Lock It Ultra Strong Fixing Hairspray* (£4.49), which I absolutely love as it locks your hair in place but it doesn't leave your hair feeling stiff or feeling like you've got a tonne of hairspray in it!
And that's the finished look! I was so pleased with the results after using these products, as my hair didn't feel at all damaged after curling my hair and the curls themselves looked uh-mazing for the remainder of the day and lasted pretty well the following day also!

When i'm being completely lazy with my hair I will usually just let it air dry, and I find after blow dry styling to be such a faff and I find my hair just looks so flat when I blow dry it, but I thought i'd see how these products could work to make my hair look sleek but with some added volume after blow drying my hair.
  • I started off by using the L'oreal Studio Pro Heat It Hot & Straight Spray* (£4.49) as I loved it so much from the first look, and I wanted to see if it lived up to it's name as this is meant to be used for a straight hair look.
  • I then used the L'oreal Studio Pro Boost It Volume Mousse* (£4.49) and scrunched this into the top sections of my hair whilst it was still damp to help create some volume at the root section.
  • I then went straight in with my blow dry using my old yet trusty Remington Hair Envy Hairdryer and using one of my tangle teezers to blow dry it as straight as I could and it's safe to say I was fairly impressed with the results, as my hair usually looks like an absolute frizz ball.
  • I then went back in with the mouse to finish off the look, to just add a little more volume, again scrunching this into the top and mid sections of my hair.
Safe to say I was really pleased with this look! It took literally 10 minutes, with barely any after styling and I loved the added volume into the root section of my hair, as i'm so used to my hair look really flat after a blow dry.


The third and final look is my go to hair style, the half up half down pony tail as it's so easy to do, and it makes your second/third day hair just look that little less miserable. I thought i'd switch it up a little and add some waves into this look, to see how they lasted throughout the day as waves never stay put in my hair.
  • I started off by teasing the top section of hair up into a pony tail and I secured that with a hair bobble, and messed around with it until I was happy with how it looked.
  • I then applied the L'oreal Studio Pro Heat It Hot and Sleek Heat Protection Cream* (£4.49), which I was skeptical about using as I find creams really weigh my hair down but this spread through my mid to end lengths like a dream.
  • I then used my very old and battered FHI Hair Straighteners (£93.49) and used these as curlers to add some loose wavy curls into my hair. Getting the nack of this can be quite hard, but you essentially use wrap your hair through the plate and around your straighteners, dragging the straigheners down your hair to create a curl.
  • Once I had curled all of my hair, I finished the look with the L'oreal Studio Pro Lock It Ultra Strong Fixing Hairspray* (£4.49) and again this held the wavy curls all day, and helped to keep my baby hair flyaways tamed also!
So that is the third and final look, which I was so pleased with as it transformed my usual boring half up pony tail into a hair look that I loved, and it took around 10-15 minutes to achieve!

Overall I absolutely loved using these five products from the new L'oreal Studio Pro range to change up my boring everyday hair looks and to add some life into my hair styling! If you're looking to transform your everyday hair looks, or are just wanting to try out some new hair styling products then I would definitely recommend trying out the L'oreal Studio Pro range as it's not only affordable but works wonders in my opinion! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post, as I had such fun putting this together for you guys and if you would like me to do any future hair looks then I happily will!

What is your favourite go to hair look?

* This post is in collaboration with L'oreal and as part of the #PreenMeVIP program. See my full disclaimer here.

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