Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Dress of The Month with Boohoo

As i've been trying to switch up content a little more recently i've been accepting a few more fashion collaborations in order to add some fashion posts into the mix, as i'm a huge lover of fashion what with it being my career path but I lover styling up my day to day outfits. This month i'm really grateful to be a part of Boohoo's Dress of The Month campaign and i'm excited to show you all how i've styled up this dress, and to also see how other bloggers have styled it!
I'm a big fan of Boohoo as I forever find myself browsing their website during my lunch break and I find their selection of dresses and other styles to be so affordable and also on trend especially for us bloggers, so I was really excited when I was asked to be a part of this campaign with them! 

What is so fun about the campaign is that I had no idea what dress I was being sent, all I got to choose was obviously my size and also the colour, which I loved about the campaign as it allows a variety of different bloggers with different dress sizes and body shapes to style up one dress. This beautiful Emmaline Satin Slip Dress* (£20) is available in two colours, silver and obviously black as I chose. This dress is lovely in quality as the satin has a lovely crinkle to it, which adds a nice touch of texture and it makes the dress look a little more expensive as some satin slip dresses can look quite tacky. Initially I wasn't so sure how I was going to style up this dress, as slip dresses don't usually suit my figure and often does me absolutely no favours however I ordered this a size bigger than my usual size (as I wasn't sure what fit this dress would be like) and it's perfect as it looks slightly oversized and falls really nicely, skimming all the right areas!

I decided to pair this dress with my Newlook Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Top (£9.99), as it was actually quite chilly on the evening that I wore this outfit and I really liked the monochrome element that it added, and it kept me that little bit warmer! I also decided to take my new River Island Caged Heels (£40.50) out for a spin, which I picked up in the sale after falling in love with them a few months back, and I absolutely love them! They are so comfy to wear and dance the night away in, and they are just gorgeous! Finally to finish off the outfit I grabbed by big old trusty Topshop Clutch that fits literally everything you'll ever need on a night out and more! Again I really liked the monochrome element that this added and overall I absolutely loved wearing this outfit!

I was so overly excited to be a part of this campaign and I had so much fun shooting this outfit, and is definitely one i'll be wearing again!

Have you bought anything from Boohoo recently?

Monday, 22 August 2016

Bloggers Who's Photography I Love

It's been a little while since I shared some blog love and i've recently really been enjoying the evening where I take an hour or so out to catch up on the blogs I follow, whilst also discovering new blogs. I'm forever swooning over the amazing photography that I see across all of the blogs that I read, so I thought i'd share some of my current favourites and introduce some bloggers that you may have not come across before.
Photography for me can make or break a blog and as a person that prides themselves in taking the time to put in the effort and energy when it comes to my own blog photography, i'm always looking to others for inspiration, and to generally just admire the beauty in other photography. With there being so much negativity within the blogging I thought i'd take some time to share some positivity and the ultimate girl gang member by lifting up those around me.

Claudia - Beauty & The Chic
Beauty and The Chic is a blog that i've read pretty much from the beginning, and i'd say that Claudia and I are forever lusting over one another's beauty purchases and Instagram feeds as we constantly share the love on social media. Claudia's photography is hands down one of my favourites within the blogging community and I honestly don't know how she does it! Whether it be beauty products, her amazing stationary line or portraits of her adorable little boy George, she just nails it and i'm forever begging her to teach me her ways!

Sophie - Sophie's Makeup
Sophie's Makeup Blog is a recent discovery for me through the Bloglovin' discover section and i'm so glad I did as i've since been all over her blog and photography. Her flat lays are just absolute goals and everyone of her photos are just beautiful! You can see how much effort she puts into each one of her images with the most beautiful background props and locations, and if I could master a portrait flay lay the way she does then i'll be forever content with life and never complain again!

Mollie - Mollie Manning
Mollie Manning is another long term favourite of mine and Mollie is the ultimate babe (let's be honest!). I've watched Mollie's photography grow over the past couple of years and i'm forever in awe of her amazing flat lays, as her photography style is like no other blogger out there. Mollie puts in so much effort into her photography, from the layout to the props that she uses and I often wish I had the energy to make my images look as good as her's do! Goals, pure goals!

Cliona - Cliona Hill
Cliona Hill is another recent discovery of mine after I followed Cliona on Twitter a few months back, and ever since i've been creeping on her blog. Cliona's photography is like no others and that what makes me love her photography, as it's so personal to her own style and I don't how she gets the perfect background blur but it makes her photos! I also love Cliona's outfit photos, the locations she chooses are just beautiful and make such beautiful backgrounds for her cute yet causal style.

Kristina - Creepers & Cupcakes
Creepers & Cupcakes is a blog i've followed for quite some time and I always find myself getting lost in her blog as her photography is just beautiful, and her content is so engaging yet easy. I absolutely love Kristina's flat lays, especially as she always uses the most beautiful marble background that allows her product shots to just pop. I also love her outfit photography and the minimal backdrops that she uses as it allows her outfits to be the main focus, and they make me want to up my outfit photography.

Lily - Pint Sized Beauty
Pint Sized Beauty is another blog that has been on my radar ever since I followed Lily on Twitter and often saw her blog on Bloglovin's discovery page, and ever since discovering her blog i've totally fallen for her beautiful flat lays! Lily's photography is another that makes me want to up my portrait flat lay skills, but I doubt i'll ever be able to compare to how lovely her photos are. Honestly Lily, teach me your ways! All of Lily's images are always so bright and fresh, which is so lovely to see as a lot of imagery these days can be so over exposed and seeing how Lily makes her images fit into her own style is so refreshing.

Amy - Salt & Chic
Salt & Chic was one of the first fashion blogs I discovered when I began blogging back in the day and i've watched how far Amy's blog has come over the years. I absolutely adore how Amy shoots her outfit photos, as they always look so natural and her outfits are ones i'm always lusting over. Amy is also an absolute babe and she often makes me want to embrace my natural red locks as she always looks absolutely stunning!

So those are a few of my favourite blogs/bloggers whose blogs I forever swoon over because of their beautiful photography! If you've not come across some or any of these bloggers then i'd definitely recommend giving these lovely girls a follow so you can too swoon over how amazing their photography is!

Who are your favourite bloggers for photography?

Friday, 19 August 2016

Galinee Skincare Trialling

When it comes to skincare i've kind of fallen off the wagon with it as of late, although I still do the standard cleanse and moisturise most nights, I tend to let everything else fall to weigh side and I haven't really been switching up the products that I use too often. That was until I was introduced to Gallinée, of whom i've been trialling a few of their products and so far i've been really impressed!
Gallinée is a brand I hadn't really heard all that much about and when it comes to skincare I like to know a little bit about the brands background and what it is that they aim to do. Gallinée is probably one of the only skincare brands i've come across that focus on creating products to help protect and create a barrier over your skins natural microbiome, which can often be damaged from pollution, over use of artificial products and harmful detergents. After finding out a little more info, I was really intrigued to see how their products worked for me, and after a good month or so I thought it was time I finally shared my thoughts with you all.

Starting off with probably my favourite product from Gallinée's skincare range is the La Culture Foaming Facial Cleanser* (£14) and I was surprised to discover that I liked this product as foaming cleansers are usually a no go for my skin and they are usually quite drying on the skin, however this cleanser is not drying in the slightest. What I really like about this cleanser is how gentle it is on the skin. It does the job of removing any makeup and it leaves my skin feeling really clean but not stripped as i've experienced with previous foaming cleansers. I tend to use this in the mornings, just to give my skin a nice gentle cleanse before I go about applying my makeup for the day and I find it just sets my skin up for the day.

This next product is another I again was quite surprised I liked and this is the La Culture Face Mask & Scrub* (£18), which is the first combined scrub and face mask I've ever come across. I've been using this on my weekly pamper session which usually occurs on a Friday evening, applying as I would a normal face mask but using it also as a scrub to get into the pores and then leaving it to do its thing for a good 5-10 minutes. I love how it makes my skin feel, clean as a scrub would but then pampered a rejuvenated as a mask would which is a win win in my opinion.

The last product that I've been testing out is the La Culture Hydrating Face Cream* (£35), which I knew my skin would love as it always takes a welcoming to anything that is designed to be hydrating. This face cream is a little more heavy duty consistency wise, so I tend to use this on a non makeup day or of an evening to really soak into the skin and allowing it to do it's thing. So far I've found my skin reacts really well to this, making it look and feel healthy and plump, which is great especially as I suffer with quite dry skin after my stint on roaccutane a few years back.

All in all I've really enjoyed trying out these products from Gallinée as are products that I'd not only repurchase but recommend to anyone who was looking for some new, yet reasonably priced skincare to try as it is aimed at pretty much all skin types.

Have you tried out any new skincare products recently?

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Ways To Invest In Your Blog

In a continuation on my tips series that you guys seem to really enjoy, I wanted to focus a little more on blog tips and general ways in which you can further push your blog through my own experiences. For the most part blogging is something you can do freely without spending much or any money on, but I've also seen my blog benefit through the ways in which I have invested into it and I thought i'd share what has worked for me and may work for you.

When it comes to investing into your blog, you really don't have to break the bank but i'm sure we can all agree that investing in certain aspects has definitely benefited and helped shape your blog into what it is today, I know mine definitely has! So here are the ways in which I have invested in my blog and ways in which you can too!

Good camera - In the first year of blogging I really didn't have my photography as a main priority and I have since learnt that your photography is probably the most important part of your blog. I used to use an old digital camera that i'd had for years and once that died I decided to get myself something a little better. I opted for the Canon 1100D mainly because it was on an amazing deal during a black friday sale a few years ago and it came with a memory card thrown in. I'd definitely recommend investing in a good camera, but I must add that you don't need to break the bank either as there are plenty of camera's of great quality but quite affordable prices.

Camera equipment - Along with having a good camera i'd definitely suggest investing in some equipment to go along with it. Personally I only have a tripod, which a friend kindly donated their old unused tripod to me and I will be forever thankful as it's an absolute life saver, especially when i'm shooting a tonne of blog photos in one go. You can also invest in camera lenses and lighting, but for now I haven't ventured down that route.

Photo editing software - Following on from having a good camera, another thing that makes your photos look bomb, is having the software to edit them. Although some days if the lighting is on your side you don't really need to edit your images, but if you're like me you'll know those days are very rare. There are a fair few photo editing softwares out there, of which i'm sure there are some free ones but personally I used Photoshop mainly because I already had it from uni but also because it's so good for photo editing! I've self taught myself so many editing tips that are my ultimate sidekicks when it comes to bringing my photos to life!

Background props - I'm sure like me you're guilty of buying things and using the excuse 'ooh this will look good in blog photos'. Back in the day blog props were alien to my images, but now you wouldn't see any photos without any props. There is something about cute notepads and candle trays that just make my blog photo's and is something you don't have to break the bank on but buying a few cute pieces for the background of blog photos will make your photos that extra bit special.

Layout/design - Another area of your blog that make or breaks your blog is definitely your layout or design. I'm sure like myself a fair few of you have used bloggers pre made layouts and have trolled the internet for CSS tips and to be honest up until this layout i've not spent any money on blog designs. There is only so much you can teach yourself when it comes to html and I wanted to take my design further than what I could do and there are so many people offering their layout services where you don't have to break the bank. My layout was done by CharmedCharlee for just £30, which in my opinion is so affordable and she did an absolutely amazing job!

Time - Lastly the main thing to invest in is time. I know it's such an obvious one but if you don't put in the time or effort then nothing in life will work, and your blog is one of those. For me having a full time job makes this hard, but I set aside a few hours at a weekend to ensure my blog is set to go for the following weeks.

So those are my tips for how you can invest into your blog in order to push your blog and further you content! I hope this post has been somewhat helpful.

What ways have you invested in your blog?

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