Wednesday, 2 September 2015

What's In My Bag - Bag Organisation

It's been some time since I last did a 'whats in my bag' style post and since i've now been in my job just gone six months, my bag situation has changed quite drastically. I thought it would be fun to do an updated whats in my bag but also talking about my new in bag organisation that has become a total life saver.
I've never been an overly organised person, although a major part of my job is too be organised to a fault, everything else i.e my bag, is not. Before my job I always stuck to a pretty small bag that held the bare essentials but now having a full time job, I do need more things on a day to day basis and organising that is actually really difficult. The struggle is real. I've heard about in bag organisers, but i'd never really heard enough or really seen them in store to really see how they worked, so when the team at Insjo contacted me in trying out one of their in bag organiser, I thought i'd see what it had to offer.

Insjo is one of the first in bag organiser brands, of which specialise in helping us women organise our bags in a simple yet stylish way. They offer a wide range of different in bags organisers for all different bags sizes, which also makes it really easy when switching between bags and avoids the hassle of having to constantly reorganise your bag and it means you won't forget any of your daily essential items.

I've been using my Insjo Inari Cotton bagINbag* (£28.50) for a few weeks now and it has changed my life, well my bags organisation life. It's the perfect size for me, as it fits in both the smaller bags that I use, but also fits in my everyday work bag whilst allowing extra room for any bulkier items such as folders, notebooks etc. What is great about this in bag organiser is that it has so many pockets and compartments, that is keeps everything separate and stops things getting tangled up inside my bag. What is also great is that all Insjo bags come with a keyring of which you can attach your keys too. I have the Insjo Pink Keyring* (£4.50), which is great as it had a clasp of which you can attach and unattached your keys to really easily!

So within my bagINbag, I like to keep the essentials that would move from bag to bag rather than random bits and bobs that would just clutter up my bag. Within the main compartment of the bag I keep my Go Stationary Diary (£8) along with a few pens and usually the boring things like spare hair bobbles and grips. Within the next compartment that has a popper, which is super handy for quick access, I usually keep just my iPhone 6 so it secure but still easy to get to. Within the last two pockets I keep my Apple Earphones, which I use on a daily basis especially at work as it helps me concentrate but I also use them for the gym (when I actually go), so I like to keep them in a handy but easily accessible place. I also keep any Lipsticks/Lip Products that i'm wearing or have been wearing so I can top up on the go, but keep them from rolling around in the bottom of my bag. I also keep my Car Keys attached to my bagINbag in order to find them easily and as I mentioned the clasp makes it super easy to attach and unattach from your bag.

All in all i'm so happy with my current in bag organisation and I cannot believe I hadn't invested in one before as they are so handy and just make life, or a part of it so much easier. If you are thinking of purchasing an in bag organiser, i'd highly recommend checking Insjo as they stock a wide range of in bags organisers for all different types of bags. If you do decide to take the plunge be sure to use my exclusive code 'CHARLOTTE15' for free shipping!

Have you ever tried an in bag organiser?

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Born Pretty Makeup Brush Set

As most beauty bloggers will understand, you can never have enough makeup brushes and my collection is forever expanding. Today I thought i'd share my thoughts on a brush set from the lovely team Born Pretty that i've been using recently, of which i've really been enjoying and I know everyone is always on the hunt for a budget yet good quality brush set.
It's been a little while since I added some new brushes to my brush collection and truth be told my collection is getting a little ridiculous but i'm always keen to try out new brushes, especially if they are affordable and of great quality. I'm not usually one to go for brush sets as I always find that I only use a small majority of the brushes and the rest go unloved, but this one has really surprised me in the versatility that it offers.

The Born Pretty Pink 10-Piece Professional Brush Set* (£8.97) is a lovely high quality wool brush set that has every brush you'd need on a daily basis. It contains a variety of both face and eye brushes for a range of different beauty products from foundation, to powders and also eyeshadows that i've really enjoyed using, as a few of these brushes i've not owned any others like them previously and they have currently replaced some of my favourite brushes.

This brush set contains 10 different brushes that are all of great quality and are so soft on the skin. This set includes a large powder brush, angled contour/powder brush, a flat foundation brush, fan brush, a range of different eye brushes and also a spooley for your brows, of which are all housed in a handy travel case that closes flat and fits in any handbag. 

My current favourite brushes from this brush set include the angled contour/powder brush, which is amazing for powder contour products as the angle allows you to really get into the hollows of your cheeks. I'm also loving the variety of eye brushes, as they are so gentle on the eyelid and allow to create some amazing and flawless eye looks. Lastly is the spooley, mainly because i've never owned one before but they are great for neatening your brows as they can sometimes be a little unruly.

So far i'm loving this brush set, the brushes are of such great quality and this set is a steal for less than £10 for 10 different brushes! If you haven't heard of BornPretty before then i'd highly recommend checking out their website as they have some amazing, good quality products at such affordable prices. Also if you were looking to purchase from BornPretty, be sure to use my discount code 'STYH10' for 10% off!

Have you added any new brushes to your makeup brush collection?

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Recent Homeware Buys

I've recently been getting back into my homeware buying ways, mainly because i'm getting really bored with my little space and I feel that I just need to have a little revamp. I've recently picked up some really cute, yet affordable things and I thought it would be nice to share with you the things i've been picking up!
It's safe to say i've definitely got the homeware buying bug at the moment, probably because one of my really good friends is moving house so her homeware bug has rubbed off on me and i've gone a little spendy but I have picked up some really cute things that i'd definitely take when I move into my own place - if that ever happens!

Kicking things off with Next Home where I don't really shop all that much because I find it really overpriced for what it is, but I kindly received some Next gift cards for my Birthday and I ended up spending them in the home section. First thing I picked out was the Sandle & Amber 3-wick Candle (£8), which probably won't come as a shock to any of you but the main thing I was drawn too was the copper housing of this candle and the scent is so calming compared to those that I usually choose, but it's really nice! The second thing I picked out was the Champagne Bubble Glass Hurricane (£8), which is basically a lovely vase/candle holder of which I currently have some fake flowers in and I love it! 

Last weekend I took a trip to Ikea, of which I didn't really intend to buy much and I stuck to my guns but I did pick up a couple of things that have brightened up my room a little. Whenever i've been to Ikea, I always manage to walk past the plant/garden section so when I finally found it I knew I had to get myself a Phalaenopsis Potted Plant (£4.50), which is basically a mini orchid! I thought it would be a really cute addition and would make my blog photos look just that bit better. I also had a quick browse around the duvet section and I picked up the Skorpil Quilt Cover (£13), which comes in three colours and I opted for the purple. I'm really pleased as it's different to my usual floral quilt covers and I feel it makes my room look a little more grown up.

Lastly I was causally browsing the home section in TkMaxx, which always isn't a good idea as I always spend far too much money but I found some really lovely pieces. First thing I found was this amazing Light Up 'C' (£16.99) and i've wanted my initial to hang up on my wall for a long time, so when I saw this I knew I had to have it. Also whilst browsing the wall decor section I came across this adorable Glass Sign (£6.99), which I just couldn't say no too and I can't wait to start hanging up things on my picture wall!

So those are all of the homeware pieces that I have recently picked up and i'm super pleased as I know all of these things will work for when I eventually move out!

Have you picked up any new homeware pieces recently?

Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Blogger Made Me Buy It

It's been a little while since I spoke about my recent buys and i've noticed ever so more recently that us bloggers are the worst for enabling others when it comes to buying certain products. I thought it would be a fun idea to do another instalment on what products i've bought solely based on other bloggers recommendations and whether they have lived up to expectations.
I'm sure we can all agree that before we started blogging and reading blogs, the products we bought were kept to a minimal and the need/want for certain products just didn't happen, as you weren't to know about them as such. Having said that my bank account would be a lot more healthier if it wasn't for blogging, but theres no fun in that!

A prime example as of late was when we saw the release of the Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette (£37), which i'm pretty sure every blogger received this for Christmas and was also a very popular giveaway item. I waited a little while for the hype to mellow and read several reviews, even though I knew this palette wouldn't disappoint I wanted to be on the safe side. My Mum very kindly bought me this palette as a little pick me up during a rough time and I was so pleased to finally have my hands on this palette. What is great is the element of everything you need (minus a foundation) can be found within this palette! It's great for travelling as it keeps everything in one place and it has the biggest mirror you'd ever need! My favourite product within this palette is the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (£17.50), which works miracles on my lashes!

Another product that always comes out of the woodworks during the summer months is the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess (£47), which as we all know is only available during the summer months and every year, bloggers especially go crazy for this. Now i'd never really seen the hype until I gave it a test in my local House of Fraser, safe to say I was sold! It is literally 'summer in a bottle' as everyone says when describing this product and so far i'm loving this perfume! 

One brand that has expoed on the blogging scene is The Body Shop and before blogging I hardy shopped in there as I never really knew that their skincare was amazing as it is. There are a handful of products from The Body Shop that I have purchased becase of bloggers but my most favourie is the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet (£13). It's like no product hat i've used ad when I saw evera blggers and youtubers raving, I just knew I had to pop into store and see what this was all about. This productis now my favourite moisturising product as it is light on the skin but provides the hydration you need throughout the day. If you haven't, make sure you try out the Vitamin E range at The Body Shop as you wll not be disappointed! 

Last two are some recent beauty buys that i've seen on a few different blogs and I just knew I had to give them a go as i'm a sucker for nail varnishes and liptcks. Firstly is the Bourjois 1-Second Gel Polish (£5.99) of which I already own a couple of these and love them but when I saw thy'd released sme new shades I just knew I had to pick some up. My curret favourite is 'Blue No Blues', which is this lovely aqua blue that is too die for! What is great about thesepolishs, is that they dry so quickly but they also last really well on the nails! Lastly is a newer release from Topshop that I saw on a fair few blogs and as I love their makeup, I thouht why not!?  The Topshop Sheer Lips (£6) in the shade pleaed as punch is a lovely yet light sheer shade that is perfect for everyday wear when you want a bit ofcoour but nohing too punchy! 

So thise are the products that you fellow blggers have enabld me to purchase, of which haven't disappointed!

What products have the bloggers made you purchase?
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